COVID First Aid Training with I.T.S.

Yes we are training.

I.T.S. is following the most recent U.K Resuscitation Council, H.S.E, Gov.U.K and First Aid Industry guidelines when delivering secure First Aid training during the pandemic.

Safe training includes;

Slightly smaller group sizes depending on the venue. We also take into account if the group being trained is already a work bubble and if they are or are not taking any COVID bio security measures.

Each learner has their own sanitised manakin(s) to use for the days training.

P.P.E station available includes masks, sanitiser ,gloves, tissues.

The latest guidance on what we should be doing as First Aiders during the pandemic to ensure safety but also keeping to the U.K Resuscitation Council guidance on what needs to be taught.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can deliver these key skills for you.